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Pure Delight

On a healthy lifestyle mission
Pure Delight was the first juice cleanse and healthy food provider in Europe.
Founded by Astrid Purzer in a Munich courtyard in 2009, Pure Delight now has six locations: Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, The Hague and Dubai. The company is also one of the leading international vendors in Europe and the Middle East. Pure Delight is all about eating completely unprocessed, plant-based foods, raw and as close to their original states as possible. Delicious, fresh and healthy, we know you’ll love the new program Pure Delight has designed exclusively for us.

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Stay Young
Cryotherapy is used to promote health by exposing the whole or parts of the body to subzero temperatures. Adding cryotherapy treatments to your lifestyle will give you the edge in the battle against aging. The healing benefits of cold therapy have long been a part of the recovery process and that is why athletes, like Cristiano Rinaldo, use °CRYO to train harder, longer, and reach peak performance.
Adding cryotherapy to your routine will: slow aging, increase your energy, boost your metabolism, improve your sleep, improve your skin tone & much more.

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