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From the catwalk to your home, Montenapoleone is where glamour meets fitness.
Our plans are directly inspired by the workout and meal programs of the most famous models and celebs around the world. We believe a lean but toned body enhances femininity, freeing women to be the best versions of themselves.
So join us on a healthy new lifestyle journey to the figure you’ve always desired.
women by women

Our Principles


At Montenapoleone Fitness we strongly believe that true fitness is linked to your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
That’s why we don’t just offer a fitness program. Instead our experience is something authentic that is designed to change your whole way of living. Our desire is to holistically support every one of our clients on their transformative path to a healthy lifestyle.


Workouts focus on your whole body, including cardiovascular activities and anaerobic exercises. We always balance them according to your needs and goals.


Eating healthily is not just a way to reach your body goals, it’s a way to a better life. Scientific research proves that eating the right foods can prevent serious diseases.


The concept brings together healthy body conditioning, exceptional nutrition, and a balanced way of living. A comprehensive body solution for women.

Team Members

Elena Giuffrida

Founder at MONTEPOLEONE Fitness

Marika Brivio

Marika Brivio


Manager at MONTENAPOLEONE Fitness

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